Lately I’ve been thinking about standards, specifically ascribing accountability differently depending on likability and respect, so I was interested to see how the public would react to Louis CK’s admitted misconduct.

It’s really easy to expect strangers to uphold to moral standards, it’s much harder to hold people whom you like and respect to those same moral standards. Good people can do really shitty things. That doesn’t necessarily mean you stop loving them, but you ought to hold them accountable. That doesn’t mean you destroy them. Depending on the situation, atonement is possible and helps everyone grow and move on. But they have to be held up to those standards. Otherwise it normalizes that behavior and silences those harmed.

Seems, at least in my immediate radar, people are generally disgusted by CK’s behavior.

Not to jump too much, but I’ve been thinking about it also in the context of American politics. Politicians, especially those of your own party, should be held accountable. Additionally, poor behavior on “your” side is not excusable when you deem the “other side” worse. Whatever your party, when your politician does something gross or negligible-rather than pointing to the other side as worse-hold your own accountable.

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