June 24th, 2018//Los Angeles


Personal project testing out video editing ideas and music composition on GarageBand. I’ve done some  vlog style videos with music in the background, but this is the first time I’ve used my own music. I took a crack at GarageBand for music composition and using their software instruments.  Wait, is this my first music video? If it counts for that at all. And modeling these sexy overalls.

Video: N.M. Haddal

Music: N.M. Haddal

Modern Day Heartbreak

One of the toughest heartbreaks is when someone you respect or love or are mentored by stops believing in you.

It’s a somber experience to lose a friend. It’s a devastation to lose a mentor.

When they stop believing in you; in your ability to do the thing you love, when they were so encouraging before, is a difficult failure to move beyond.