Observer Effect//July 2018



Sometimes, I have evenings when I look out into the small piece of infinity that I can see and then look back down around me. Sort of strange how massive existence is, but how little of what we have here there seems to be. Worst case scenario, this is it. At most of these realized moments I know whatever this is that I am experiencing, that it’s not so bad. It’s tough, but I’m really happy I’m living out whatever this is. Indeed, lucky to live in the way I have been able to live out my life so far.

Of course, usually in those moments I have a burrito/ceviche and my dog next to me, laughing at some inane joke, but ya know what I mean.


June 24th, 2018//Los Angeles


Personal project testing out video editing ideas and music composition on GarageBand. I’ve done some  vlog style videos with music in the background, but this is the first time I’ve used my own music. I took a crack at GarageBand for music composition and using their software instruments.  Wait, is this my first music video? If it counts for that at all. And modeling these sexy overalls.

Video: N.M. Haddal

Music: N.M. Haddal